Tasting Room Hours

Friday Through Sunday 11 to 5

Calendar of Events for 2016

January 30 & 31                11 to 5

  Groundhog Daze!!!

20th Annual Party of wine specials, visits from Punxatawney Phil and fabulous Super Bowl Party appetizers.

February 13 & 14                     11 to 5

                    Sweet ‘16 Valentines’ Party

Chocolate delicacies paired with older vintage Ports and current vintage Ports.

March 19 & 20                   

                   Bonsai Display/Class

Learn from expert Bonsai teacher Roger Steel and his assistant, Scott!  Call for prices.  Gourmet lunch and wine included in all classes.

April 9,10, 16 &17                    11 to 5

                 24th Annual Open House

Delicious gourmet food parings with wines, rock ‘n roll music, and BIG SPECIALS all available in our working wine cellar.  

May 14 & 15                             11 to 5

                 BYOM-Bottle Your Own Magnum

A Bottle Your Own (Preview) Lot #12 Pammies Cuvee Weekend! Wine will not be released until November ’16 for regular tasting and sales.

June 18 & 19                             11 to 5

  *New Event           Summer Solstice Luau 

Chile infused pulled pork with grilled pineapple.  White wine and Port coolers will be chillingly entertaining. Special Sales on featured wines!

July 9 & 23 

  *New Event       Pair Like A Pro Seminars

                           Cocktail Party Time! 4 to 6

Cocktail Party foods with WINE-R’S making the choice of pairings! Watch the website for the choices to pair.

August 20 & 21                           11 to 5

                          12th Annual Big Tent Event

The incredible Kerry Greene will perform for the entire event!  Great Sales on wines!  Great performances by the Mama Mia Wannabies (and their men).  Great foods to accompany the event!

October 28 thru 31                     11 to 5

                           Nevada Day Celebration

Special soups and breads (all made by Pam) will start out our seasonal specials.

November thru December 

                        Holiday Samplers Available

December 5 & 6                          11 to 5


                     Scott’s Great Birthday Bash

December 3 and 4               11am to 5pm



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