Adventures Of Maxx The Wonderdog

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It’s A Dog’s Life…by Maxx                                                                                                                                                                                 rsz_2015-12-06_100145                

I’VE heard for years from THEM about the fabulous Mexican vacations.  So, after a little (or maybe a LOT) of begging, THEY decided that I could also go to Mexico this year.  While I was totally excited to finally make the trip, I was also apprehensive.  Hey, I watch a lot of TV so I understand the possible ramifications of illegal entry into a county.  However, no worries, as SHE is a real rule keeper. So, MY papers to get into another country were impeccable.  So good, in fact, that no one did more than glance at them. Which actually made HER mad as this paper thingy evidently costs a lot of money.  I am so friendly and innocent looking that it wasn’t at all a surprise to ME. (Even the Border Patrol loved ME but please don’t tell President Trump.)  So, WE get to OUR house in Mexico.  Heaven!!! I had MY own room!  THEY made a big deal about it but I actually think THEY did it because I would be enjoying MY favorite human food of all time (refried beans) while WE were there and you all know what that can create…  Anyway, WE  were right on the beach so WE walked every day, occasionally took a siesta and frequently traversed into town for food at the malecon.  While I DID learn a few (bad) words in Spanish from HER, I mostly heard words like “dos cervezas” or “agua para el perro” and it seemed like WE got beer and water pretty quickly so maybe HER Espanol is better than I thought.  The highlight of the trip was that I got to go to Marti Gras!  I couldn’t believe the fabulous parade, people and bands.  And, since SHE took ME on a leash (evidently most dogs in Mexico are free-range) everyone thought I was part of the act and wanted to pet ME.  I graciously allowed it. So, here is OUR picture.  Bienvenidos! 





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