Club Single Leaf

We will post the 2019 tasting schedule here after the

first of the year

Top Ten Reasons for Joining the Single Leaf Wine-r’s Club:


10.  MAJOR kissing up from the intrepid  Single Leaf Staff!!!

 9.    Learn the Wine-r’s handshake-so secret  WE often don’t even remember it!

 8.    Tabloid quality, inside information  about how wine is really made…

 7.    An outside chance of being cast in the Single Leaf remake of “Sideways”with YOU drinking from  OUR dump bucket.

 6.   Unique opportunities to participate in  skilled winery jobs like barrel  cleaning.  (Reservations Required!)

 5.    Automatic entry into the popular “How far can You roll a Grape with your Nose” NEW LIVE TV sitcom

4.    10 cent per trip to the restrooms  WAIVE (Read the sign next time you “visit”.)

3.    Educational lectures from the Winemaker during private tastings!

       (You’ll get a fancy button to prove that  YOU passed the “test”.)

2.    Take our wine on your travels    “Anywhere in the World”  and try for your   15 minutes of fame!


And the Number One reason for joining the

Wine-r’s Club is:


You’ll get Great Wine at

Out-standing, Unheard of Prices and truly Love spending your money!!!


Single Leaf Vineyards and Winery

7480 Fairplay Road

Fair Play, California 95684


Phone 530-620-3545

Fax 530-620-7214

Single Leaf Winery Presents:

The Single Leaf Wine Club!!!

(Wine-r’s Club)


 No cost to join
Private Barrel Tastings with the Winemaker
Limited Release Wines
Invitation Only Special Events
25% off every case purchase
What do I get as a Wine Club Member?

Pre-Release Wines!!!

Two bottles of our newest and often rarest releases will be shipped to your front door

Four times per Year

Feb, May, Aug and Nov.  Cost of each shipment will be between $35.-$45. and billed directly to your Master Card or Visa.  Shipments include wine, tax, shipper and shipping.  Or, save $$$ and pick up your shipments here.


Hilarious, Off-The-Wall Newsletters!!!

The Single Leaf (some!) Times, in which we attempt to separate wine fact from fiction, will accompany each quarterly shipment.  We also sponsor a popular contest, “Where in the World is Single Leaf” which offers members the chance to submit pictures of you in your travels with our wines.  The winning entry picture for each quarter is published in the “Times”(plus listed on our website) and your picture displayed for posterity on the Wall of Fame in the tasting room.  Winners receive a signed by the winemaker MAGNUM of Reserve Zinfandel for their efforts.

Special Events!!!

Private Barrel Tastings with the Winemaker, Summer Jazz Concerts, Fall Harvest Party, Groundhog Daze Vertical Zinfandel Tasting and Scott’s Great Birthday Bash.  Owners Scott and Pam Miller invite you to join them and share great wine experiences.


Limited Release Wines!!!

Single Leaf makes estate grown, 100% varietals of very limited quantities.  Gold medal winning Barbera, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Petite Sirah, Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon and Special Select Zinfandel are always available to the Wine Club FIRST. They are often of such limited supply that they are never available through the tasting room.  These exceptional wines are available to Wine-r’s as futures at Barrel Tastings .


Save Big Bucks!!!

Year ‘round, every case, every time you will receive 25% off of case purchases. (No further discounts on Specials or Library wines.) And, if you want to quit being a Wine-r-although we can’t imagine why???-send us a note and you’re out!




How do I Sign Up to be a Wine-r???








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Expiration Date__________________


Ship________  Pick Up_______


Single Leaf Vineyards and Winery

7480 Fairplay Road

Fair Play, California 95684









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